We are a proud Australian company with over 50 years of experience in the business of insulation.

Enviroflex is owned by Richard Charlton OAM, ex CEO of Shell Australia and a retired Board Member of Coles Myer, and his wife Barbara Uehling, the first female head of an American Land Grant University – Missouri. Barbara and Ric’s passion to reduce landfill and improve societal comfort, both thermal and acoustic led to their purchase of Enviroflex in 1999.

The Enviroflex team are dedicated insulation specialists committed to improving your acoustic and thermal comfort and reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint.


Chief Executive Officer

Felicia was born into the building industry, her father, Alan, a Master Builder whose company specialised in buying, renovating and selling homes. This was a family affair with Felicia and her sister Sally doubling as labourers on the weekends.  

Studying Business majoring in Accounting, Felicia’s career began in Banking, where she was recognised for her Management and Leadership skills by the ANZ Talent Program. Having four children, she took a career break to spend time with her young family, returning to work as a Management Consultant.

Joining Enviroflex as CEO Felicia instilled her management theories of training and empowering teams to offer superlative customer service as fundamental to successful business longevity.  Felicia featured in YMag Issue 09-2019 ‘Thought Leaders’, talking about the Enviroflex journey.

Key to Enviroflex success is the offering of high quality insulation products produced sustainably. We partner with companies around the globe who provide the best acoustic and thermal insulation utilising high recycled content. We provide cellulose for manufacturers using fully recycled content and participate in Research and Development initiatives to further this endeavour.

Felicia is particularly passionate about improving acoustics in learning, working and entertainment spaces, creating attractive surroundings, optimising those environments potential for listening, resting, and communicating, whilst providing thermal comfort and minimising costs both to the clients and to the environment.


Project Manager

Kayne has been in the insulation game for over 10 years. Originally from a warehousing background, he has always had a personal interest in construction of buildings and renovations so he jumped industries to follow his passion.

Now, 10 years down the track, Kayne has helped many homeowners to solve their insulation woes – thermal and acoustic, to provide improved quality of life through greater comfort within the home. As a father of two boys, he understands the need for peace and quiet at home sometimes too! 

Now, Kayne is playing at the big end of town using his skills and knowledge to service commercial developments whether they are new constructs or refurbishments. Adding another string to his bow, Kayne has acquired a lot of knowledge around acoustic insulation for enhanced comfort in living, working, learning and leisure spaces. He is loving the challenge of looking at plans for schools, universities, retail stores, office spaces and restaurants to provide the best acoustical and thermal solutions for those environments.

He still sneaks out to work with homeowners from time to time as he feels great satisfaction when he receives the feedback about what an immediate difference his insulation solutions have made to their home environment.

When reflecting on the construction industry, Kayne believes that we need to move from a ‘minimum requirement’ to a ‘quality’ mindset with key considerations for performance results, long term sustainability and environmental impacts.


Our staff are our advocates.

All team members are accredited by the Association of Wall & Ceiling Industries (AWCI), are Clean Energy Council Insulation Installers, are First Aid certified and hold Working with Children and Police checks.

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